The document below is updated every 45 mins - 2 hours. The date/time format is in the UK time zone.
We strongly advise before using this area to gather an understanding of the area by following its respective trading guide
(Thing's to note is the most important part to read from this guide)

Please Note: You need to be patient with trading, on many occasions a card can take multiple one-hour listings to sell or very minor pricing adjustments. We recommend 1-hour listing's when online and 12-hour listings when offline. This will provide the best results!


‣ Prices are more volatile during the Weekend League ongoing (Friday - Sunday) this is because the market can receive a large sell-off from other players selling their teams. Due to this please aim to be quick flipping during these days. Quick flipping is where you sell the cards within 12-24 hours by any means necessary to avoid further loss from sell-offs.

‣ Please make sure to refer to the latest 18:00pm content because if we receive a new promo or SBC then the market or specific players could go into a decline. An example would be a new Icon SBC releases at 18:00pm one day, this would cause Icons to most probably go into a decline meaning pricing needs to stabilize or you should use low-mode. The same rule applies if you receive a new version of an existing special card, you would then want to avoid that card until the price has been settled/corrected.

‣ To use the filtering options in the document below simply press on the header where the arrow is to sort by alphabetical, low-high, etc... You can also use the search bar to instantly navigate to the specific player data you require by typing the player name or you can search by rating by typing "- 91" in the search bar. This would only provide you with 91 rated players in the document by doing so!

‣ Filtering by "% from Low Point" (low-high) and finding the values that are closest to a negative number are the cards that are closest to our buy price. Remember: with a live market you still need to take into consideration the possibility of unnatural market declines (normally due to a reason) as this can cause the occasional card not to sell for the recommended buy price. If you have read the corresponding trading guide for the area you are viewing then you will be aware of this already.

What is the market status area and how do we handle this data?

The market status updates in real-time with each update provided on the "Last Update" tab.
If the checker detects a certain amount of players to be at their "Low Point" price then the market status will inform you that the market is dropping. This is a brand-new addition that is in place to prevent you from trying to sell at prices that are assuming the market is behaving naturally.
The way to handle this data is by aiming to buy at a player's low point and sell into their average/high point on the market as they fluctuate.
It really is that simple! This area is essentially providing you with all the data you need to know about each player's price fluctuation.

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