Bronze cards are some of the most important cards in the game and yet people often overlook them – whether it's quickly selling them or simply not paying attention to them. Disregarding bronze cards is a mistake in FC 24. This guide covers the basics of why they're valuable and how you can utilize them.


Just as you would with gold cards, you can also trade with bronzes. The best methods are actually quite simple. The first involves an investment strategy. Whenever rare bronzes from major nations drop to around 200 coins, that's the time to buy. You can grab 10, 20, or even 100 of them, but make sure to buy just one of each card. Wait for Marquee Matchups or some SBC that demands rare bronzes, and you can easily triple your investment with very little effort. Buying just one of each ensures you don't end up with too many unassigned cards.

The second method is what we call "flipping." This basically involves focusing on the top 5 leagues. Search by position, find the minimum rating for each position, then either snipe or bid on cards while spending less than what you just found. Check the price of each card you bought and list them back on the market for a profit. It's as straightforward as that.


This is the most important part of Bronzes. You can use them to stock your club up with free players. It’s really simple and it’s called Bronze Pack Method. Essentially, you just open up bronze packs and sell everything that sells. This means manually checking each player and consumable (other than contracts) to see what they sell for. You then list everything that sells above 200 coins. Any player that doesn't sell for over 200, you keep. By repeating this process and selling everything, you'll eventually make back your coins. You can also mass-list bronze contracts, and some of these will sell for 200 coins. Don't worry if things don't sell immediately. Just keep relisting, and they'll sell over time.

What you're left with will be hundreds of bronze players in your club. These can be used to contribute towards daily SBCs and marquee matchups, allowing you to obtain gold cards into your club for free. Alternatively, you can choose to throw them into the bronze upgrade packs for silvers. Those silvers can then be upgraded to golds or used in other SBCs.

Bronzes are an integral part of the League SBC method, and there is a detailed guide on this here. It's worth reading because, with some effort and club maintenance, you can craft hundreds of packs every month.

We hope this Trading Guide has been helpful. We have even more features within our service that make building your coin balances even easier.

Best of luck with your trading during FC 24!

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