Trading with silver cards is one of FIFA's most underrated methods. While most people focus on sniping golds, you can easily make coins without battling for filters that dozens of others are using. Silvers are often overlooked due to their lower value, yet this is what makes them excellent for trading. It means greater profit margins with less risk!

Several factors contribute to the value of silvers, and their worth can vary at different times. When League SBCs are released, silvers from those leagues gain a minimum value for trading. Silver objectives can cause certain overpowered silvers or league-specific ones to surge in price. Even general SBCs that require specific leagues can lead to temporary price spikes, ideal for both buying in and instant flipping. The various trading methods are explained below!


Flipping cards is simply buying cards and putting them straight back onto the market for what they are worth. Under-priced silver cards tend to sit for longer as people neglect silvers as I’ve said. All you need to do is check the major leagues throughout the day and pick them up. You then just check what they are listed for above that and match the price. You can use this knowledge to trade with the same cards over and over again. Cards that work best for this are always OP cards. Someone like Amine Adli from Bayer Leverkusen last year. Had 86 pace as a silver French ST so was relatively sought after all year.


Some people use silvers in SBC’s whether that is a standard daily SBC or something like an upgrade SBC. For this, you just need to look at any of the major leagues. Check the minimum prices for rare and non-rare silvers. Then simply snipe and bid below that price. Once you’ve got a load of cards, you just check the individual price for each and list for that. Those that don’t sell you just relist again, adjusting the price if needed. Alternatively, just list overnight and they will sell easily.


Every FIFA player should consider doing this as a regular practice. We've prepared a detailed guide that you can read for a deeper understanding of why it works. When it comes to silvers, here's a simple guideline: whenever rare silvers from major nations reach their lowest prices on the market, that's when you should buy them in larger quantities. Since unassigned items are no longer a possibility, try to purchase just one of each, even though there are many of these cards available. If you acquire them at prices around 300-350 coins and later sell them at 900-1000 coins, you're essentially tripling your initial investment. The great part is that these cards can stay in your club until the right time comes. Sometimes, their values can even rise to 3-4k+ coins each, resulting in significant profits.


This strategy is particularly effective when League SBCs are available, but it can be applied at any time. Silver card prices are mostly influenced by supply and demand. We observe this dynamic through daily SBCs that offer packs containing silver cards. The Thursday Marquee Match Ups SBC, in particular, contributes to a substantial increase in supply. Consequently, the price of silver cards temporarily drops when the supply surpasses the demand. However, as the supply diminishes after the SBC ends, cards are purchased, leading to price increases. In essence, you aim to purchase these cards when their prices are at a low point and then sell them once their prices rise over the following day or two.

We hope this Trading Guide has been helpful. We have even more features within our service that make building your coin balances even easier.

Best of luck with your trading during FC 24!

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