Icon Trading, often known as Fluctuation Trading, is not as "challenging" as it might seem.

In simple terms, it involves buying at a "Low Point" in the price fluctuation and selling at its "High Point." Usually, "Low Points" occur during peak hours, while "High Points" happen during non-peak hours.

In this Trading Guide, we'll explain how this method works in detail.

Before we begin, note the color-coded words:

Red Highlighted text indicates where cards are usually at their "Low Point," making it more likely to find deals.

Green Highlighted text shows where cards are often at their "High Point," increasing the likelihood of making sales.

Understanding "Peak" and "Non-Peak" Hours:

Peak Hours: These are the times when the highest number of users are actively playing Ultimate Team. Generally, Peak Hours fall between 4 pm - 8 pm UK Time.

Non-Peak Hours: These are the times when fewer users are online and the game is less crowded. Non-Peak Hours typically begin after 8 pm, extending into the late evening UK Time.

It's worth noting that Ultimate Team is most active from Wednesday to Sunday, with Friday and Saturday being particularly the busiest days. This information is crucial for planning your trading activities effectively!


There are 2 main methods for how you can do this:

‣ Method 1: Refer to FUTBIN / FUTWIZ Daily and Hourly Graphs (This method requires a lot of regular checks and is a much slower process)

‣ Method 2: Use our Multi-Platform Website prices which can be found inside of our Tier 1 area (This is the easiest and most time-efficient method)

Using Method 1 is a lot more time-consuming and provides you with data that can be seen by all FIFA users who visit these public websites for pricing history. This means you are competing with every other player/trader on Ultimate Team who is using the same source to gain their knowledge of Pricing History for that Icon.

If you use Method 2, you will be viewing regularly updated data that is monitored and filtered out to identify the data you need to know in that current moment, rather than spending minutes analyzing a player's graph, etc. It is as simple as typing a name into the search box, and the data you need to know is right in front of you!

However, for the players that cannot afford to use the Tier 1 areas, we will show you an example to analyze directly from FUTBIN / FUTWIZ.


For this example, we will be analyzing the fluctuation for Rio Ferdinand using FUTWIZ.
We will be looking to determine the "Low Point", "High Point", "Good Buy Price" and the "Good Sell Price"
To do this we will need to search the player on and find the card we are looking to gather Pricing Data for.

From the Graph image provided, you can: Filter it by Platform. Sort it into either "Daily Graph" or "Hourly Graph." This information is incredibly useful for tracking a player's price fluctuations. It allows you to see how the card's value has changed over a 24-48 hour period.

There are several benefits to using this data:

‣ You can assess whether the card experiences more significant price fluctuations compared to other Icon cards, potentially leading to higher profit potential.

‣ It's easy to spot a "Good Buy Price" and "Good Sell Price" by analyzing the past 24-hour pricing history on the market.

‣ You can gain a comprehensive understanding of how Icon cards typically behave on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, you have the option to review the market sales history for each player! (Please note that this feature is available on desktop only through the FUTWIZ website.)

As you can see from this graph, we've highlighted the "Low Point" and "High Point," which are also known as the lowest and highest values on the graph.

Highest value = Aim for a target sell price between the "High Point" and the next 3 highest values from the Hourly graph.

Lowest value = Aim for a target buy price between the "Low Point" and the next 3 lowest values from the Hourly graph.

(Please ensure you calculate the EA Tax on the selling price if you follow this method)

Notice a very 'common' trend in this example from what we explained earlier? The "Low Point" occurred around 20:00pm UK Time, while the "High Point" was around 07:00am UK Time, and again in the late evening.

This means for the best experience in purchasing Icons at good prices, aim to actively look for potential deals between 16:00pm - 20:00pm.

(Remember: Content releases at 18:00pm can affect card values)

Please note: You need to select the sold prices button which applies to your platform underneath the price box on to view the correct market sales history data (This is vital)

As you can see from this image we can also refer to the "Market Sales History" which can be found inside most player pages on FUTWIZ. With this ability, you can view recent sales that have taken place on Ultimate Team (not all sales are provided just a select amount) This allows you to see whether or not the card receives sales at the "High Points" from the graphs we have analyzed.

As you can see here within a 24 Hour period this card has had a sale at a "Low Point" of 160,000 coins. It has also sold at its "High Point" which was 194,000 coins. This would result in you receiving 184,300 coins after tax. As you see just from this one example buying for 160,000 coins and selling for around 190,000 coins would result in a total profit of 20,500 coins after EA Tax on just one Icon trade. Now imagine doing that with 10, 20, 30, or even more Icons at once! As your coin balance builds the profit expands!


With this method, we handle all the tedious tasks, such as fast-loading player pages and reaction times, so you don't have to.

All you need to do is visit our Tier 1 Icon Prices area for your platform. Hover over the Tier 1 Dropdown menu, search for a player, and you'll instantly have all the essential data at your fingertips. Finding great deals in the Ultimate Team market has never been easier!

FUT Trading Logo

We have 3 unique areas for our Icon Buy & Sell prices.

1. Main Icon area & Platform selected. (Colour coded pages)

2. Daily average Icon area which can be visited from inside the main area.

3. Advanced Icon area which can be visited from inside the main area.

Two of the very many benefits to this method that makes your experience with trading Icon's the absolute easiest it can be are:

‣ Automatically updated every 10/20 minutes with regular Discord announcements and a "Last updated" menu within each area to keep you in sync with the latest data.

‣ Ability to Sort / Filter the Documents into Low - High and in alphabetical order to group Icons with their alternative versions. You can also find deals like this by referring to the current market price update and cross-referencing it with the (Target Buy Price)

(Please note: Buy Prices in these images are not valid they are examples)


There are many small factors you will need to take into consideration to understand Trading with Icons entirely:

Listing Icons for a shorter duration of 1 hour allows for potential sales to "lazy buyers" who prefer cards with less time remaining. This strategy can lead to a wider range of sales within a shorter time frame. However, it's important to be patient when listing Icons, which is why we recommend a longer listing period of 12 hours. By doing so, you can take advantage of overnight fluctuations where your card may become the cheapest, maximizing your profit potential. This approach also reduces the need for frequent relisting, allowing you to sit back and wait for the Icon to sell in the evening.
Purchases made on Friday and Saturday tend to be at inflated rates due to the ongoing Weekend League. However, the market becomes volatile on Sundays when users sell their Weekend League teams after completing FUT Champions. This is because the demand is lower and the supply is higher during this time. Buying Icons during a Weekend League sell-off allows the opportunity to hold them until the following Weekend League when demand is at its highest again. However, it's important to be cautious of market crashes caused by new promotions in FUT or potential SBCs for Icon Picks and Player SBCs.
If we receive Icon SBCs, promos with new cards, or preview packs, the supply of Icons in the market will increase as users sell the Icons they have packed or used in their teams to try out new players. This presents an optimal opportunity to make coins as the Icons tend to rebound in value due to their rarity.
These Icons are particularly challenging to resell to other players. This is because they are extremely rare at certain stages of the game, either due to price-fixing by users or limited availability in packs compared to other cards. As a result, there is minimal demand for these Icons and their value may be temporarily distorted until more of them enter the market. It's important to be aware of this risk factor when trading with Icons, as their price may not accurately reflect their true value if only a few of them are available for sale within a 24-hour period.
Remaining calm and patient when dealing with slow-selling cards is crucial to avoid failure as a trader. Just like the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day," understanding the fluctuation of Icons and their market demand takes time and practice, even with detailed guides. It's important to remember that the highest demand for Icons usually occurs during Weekend League when more players are actively engaged in the game, resulting in faster sales. So, don't get discouraged by slow-selling cards and give yourself the chance to improve through patience and persistence. Keep calm and trust in the process! 🙂
By recognizing and investing in more affordable yet highly effective Icon cards that fit well within the game mechanics, you can potentially make significant profits during Weekend League. These Icons, often referred to as "META" cards, are in high demand and their values tend to skyrocket, as some traders would describe it. When we mention "META," we mean Icons that excel in their positions, considering factors such as work rates, pace, weak foot, and other important attributes. For instance, RB Icon cards with desirable attributes have performed exceptionally well this year, especially when used as center-backs due to the prevailing META strategy. Additionally, an Icon's popularity and affordability play a crucial role in driving up their demand, particularly if they fill a position with limited options in top leagues, as they provide valuable chemistry boosts for the squad.
Let's say you bought 12 Icon cards. You managed to sell 8 of them quickly within the first 12 hours of listing. However, you're left with 4 Icon cards that haven't sold yet. What should you do with them? Consider the day of the week. If it's during Weekend League or close to its end, try selling them to break even after accounting for the EA Tax or minimize any losses. If you don't need the coins immediately, you can hold onto the cards and wait for the next wave of demand. Just be aware that holding them carries some risks. The losses from the unsold cards shouldn't be as significant as the profits from the ones that sold easily. Trading in a large quantity of Icons is a key strategy, especially if you want to reach the Top 100 Transfer Profit Leaderboards. By accumulating Icons and building your coin balance, you can potentially earn over 1 million coins in a single day of trading.
It's crucial to keep in mind the 5% EA Tax when trading in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA deducts 5% from every sale you make on the transfer market. For instance, if you sell an item for 400,000 coins, the EA Tax would amount to 20,000 coins (5%), leaving you with 380,000 coins as your final earnings. To assist you in calculating the tax, our premium website features a Tax Calculator available for your convenience.
Setting a profit goal for each Icon card you purchase is crucial for maximizing your coin balance. By determining in advance how much profit you aim to make from each card, you can trade more efficiently and increase your overall earnings. We recommend targeting a minimum return of 4.5% on cards below 250k coins and at least 3.5% on cards above 250k coins after accounting for EA Tax. You can calculate this by inputting your desired sell price into a calculator, multiplying it by 1.04, and then subtracting your sell price from the result. In simpler terms, aim for at least a 5k profit after EA Tax on cards below 250k coins and at least a 10k profit after EA Tax on cards above 250k coins. Keep in mind that prioritizing higher profits over quick sales is often more beneficial, especially when working with a larger budget. Patience tends to yield greater returns in most cases.
Another crucial aspect to consider is the timing of your Icon purchases, particularly during the start of the Weekend League. During this period, Icons tend to be priced higher due to increased demand. However, as the Weekend League progresses and players complete their games, there is a tendency for Icon prices to decline. Users sell off their cards to upgrade or modify their teams for the next Weekend League. It is common for players to base their squads on the latest content, including strong nationalities that link well with other popular cards. By identifying Icons that align with the current trends and anticipated demand in the following Weekend League, you can strategically engage in quick flipping. It is important to avoid holding onto Icons for extended periods, as mentioned earlier, to minimize risks and maximize profits.


Avoiding Captcha Challenges on Ultimate Team

To maintain a smooth trading experience and avoid annoying Captcha challenges on Ultimate Team, it's essential to explore alternative methods rather than repeatedly following the same process in the transfer market.

What's a Captcha?

A Captcha is a quick verification puzzle designed to confirm you're a human user. EA strictly prohibits the use of bots or automation software on Ultimate Team, leading to Captcha challenges for traders.

The Solution: Squad Menu

Fortunately, there's a nifty workaround. Try using the transfer market through the squad menu by pressing LB/L1 and toggling the view to 'Grid view' when searching. This method significantly reduces Captcha challenges. While it's effective, it's not the fastest method available, so consider mixing it with other techniques for optimal trading efficiency.


Below we have provided some Basic filters to get started with Icon Trading!

Please also take into consideration that there are countless ways to identify Icon deals and not just one method on how to find good deals. Some people seem to assume after 5 minutes on their first attempt they should have sniped 3 deals however this is not the case. As we said previously, it takes time to learn / Improve menu navigation which only happens with practice.

It can be as simple as searching each Icon one by one or adding an Icon to the watch list when it is getting close to the "Good Buy Price" and waiting for the next undercut to happen. The filters provided below are just some of the many methods that are used with minor tweaks over each Ultimate Team game cycle. Remember: If you feel there are too many or too few pages to get near to the 59th minute then you can narrow the values in the pricing tab for "Max. Price" and "Min. Buy Now" to what you feel is best at the current point of searching!

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We hope this Trading Guide has been helpful. We have even more features within our service that make building your coin balances even easier.

Best of luck with your trading during FC 24!

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