The chemistry-style trading method is a straightforward and effective approach to increasing your coin total on a limited budget. Players whose cards already have chemistry styles applied to them, such as Shadow, Hunter, or Anchor, hold a higher value due to the separate values associated with these chemistry styles.

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An 'Added Premium' is when players have chemistry styles already applied by the user selling the card on the market. The chemistry style itself increases the card's worth due to its relatively high cost, which many people may not be aware of. The added value isn't a set amount but can fluctuate based on the supply and demand for that specific player.

This method is effective every day but particularly works well from Wednesday night to Saturday, especially when players are building their teams for the weekend league. Also, keep in mind that certain times of the day witness more activity in the market, which can lead to quicker sales and better deals. Typically, the market is most active between 4pm-8pm UK time. During the early hours of the morning in the UK, the market tends to be less active, making it more challenging to buy or sell cards due to lower supply and demand from other users building their teams. To achieve optimal results and make the most of your trading efforts, it's advisable to focus on using these methods during the periods of higher activity in Ultimate Team.



For this example, we will be analyzing from the current FC Ultimate Team player database using FUTBIN.
The downside to using this method is that you'll need to figure out yourself which cards are suitable for this method.

Method 1: For this method, head over to FUTBIN and press on the “PGP” segment which is found inside the “Players” tab on their website. This will take you to a section where it will show you the players who have the most games played. This is very helpful as you can use it as an indicator for the players who are played with the most frequently and the most popular chemistry styles used on them by other Ultimate Team users. Please note: Just because the “Top Chem Card” is not one of the premium chemistry styles, it does not mean you can’t still trade with that specific player!

You will then need to write these players down that you have chosen to trade with (we would advise a spreadsheet). This means you can use it to gather values of recent sell prices for each specific player you trade with. You can also track the sell prices of the cards with a shadow by adding them to your transfer targets and when the player sells you'll see that it has expired, you can then note down the sold price. This is very helpful as you can now go through your spreadsheet after you have gathered a good amount of data for players and begin looking for undercuts of 400 coins or more…

This gives you a good chance to find nice undercuts as you will have data nobody else does! You will also notice your cards selling more frequently than others doing this method with a low budget because you have previous knowledge on what the cards truly sell for with the chemistry style attached. This is a massive help because with a low budget you want to be constantly flipping players to build your coin balance as fast as possible!. With a low budget the more you flip, the more you make. The last thing you want to be doing is wasting your time looking for the world's biggest undercuts that hardly ever appear as it'll be more efficient to get 5 quick deals instead of 1 long time-consuming deal that is not guaranteed to be obtained.


With this method, we take care of all the hard work for you!
We manage all the tedious tasks that typically require manual effort in this method, and then we simplify it for you!
All you need to do is visit our Tier 2 Live filters area for your platform. Just hover over the Tier 2 Dropdown menu, and you'll see a list of the best players we personally recommend. This list will be displayed along with some pricing information for both Buying & Selling. All the important data is right in front of you within milliseconds, allowing you to instantly recognize a good deal while navigating the market on Ultimate Team!

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Once you have a plan, you'll want to hover over the tier 2 tab, and a dropdown menu will appear.
Next, click on ‘Console/PC live filters’. This will provide you with the best players we personally recommend and a little bit of information regarding pricing.
All you need to do from there is use the information taught to you from this guide, and with that list of players, you will be building your coin balance in no time!


There are a few small factors you will need to take into consideration to understand Trading with chemistry style cards correctly:

A chemistry style enhances a player's performance in specific areas by adding extra stats to their attributes. This boost improves their overall abilities in the game, especially if their weaker stats are upgraded or if there is a significant improvement to their existing stats. The most popular chemistry styles in FIFA are shadow, hunter, and anchor, mainly because they enhance highly sought-after attributes such as pace, shooting, defending, and physicality. Players who lack certain attributes but receive upgrades through these chemistry styles become more valuable when sold in the market. There are two reasons for this: first, these chemistry styles enhance stats that are in high demand among players, increasing the desirability of the player; second, the lower pack weight of these chemistry styles means there is limited supply, leading to an increase in their individual value.
Yes, in a way, the price of every card can be influenced by these three chemistry styles. However, it is more profitable to focus on trading with a specific group of cards called "low-rated meta" cards. These are popular players that many people use in their starting teams, like Fred, Gabriel Jesus, Diego Carlos, and others. These players are the best to trade with because they sell quickly and provide a higher profit percentage after tax. If you trade with higher-rated and more expensive players, they can still increase in value, but the profit after tax will be smaller compared to the first group. On the other hand, low-rated and less useful players may gain some added value, but it will take longer to sell them because there is less demand for them.
This is because if there are events such as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) that require 81 rated cards or the release of preview packs, the supply and demand of certain cards will increase or decrease. This can lead to temporary inflation of prices for specific cards, which means you might be trying to sell a card at a value influenced by an SBC rather than its regular market demand. While it is still possible to trade with these cards during such situations, we recommend exercising caution and potentially avoiding them as they tend to be more volatile compared to others.
It is crucial to consider the 5% EA Tax when engaging in trading activities in FIFA Ultimate Team. Electronic Arts (EA) deducts 5% of the sale value as a tax on every transaction you make on the transfer market. For instance, if you sell an item for 10,000 coins, the EA Tax would amount to 500 coins (5%), resulting in you receiving only 9,500 coins from that sale. To assist you in calculating the tax, our premium website provides a Tax Calculator that you can utilize at any time.
Remaining composed and displaying patience when dealing with slow-selling cards is crucial. Remember, becoming a successful trader in the FIFA market takes time and practice. Just like the saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day." It's important not to panic or become impatient when your cards don't sell quickly. Instead, stay composed and give it time. The most active periods in the game are the best times for trading, and with practice, you'll improve your trading skills and find success. So, remain patient and stay focused on your long-term goals.


Below, we've included some basic filters to help you get started with Chemistry Style Trading! Keep in mind that there are numerous ways to identify chemistry-style deals; it's not just about one method of finding good deals. Don't be discouraged if, after 5 minutes of your first attempt, you haven't sniped multiple deals. Learning and improving menu navigation takes time and practice.

One simple approach is searching each player from the lists we previously mentioned, one by one, and waiting for the next undercut to occur. The filters we're providing below are just a few examples of the many methods used, with slight adjustments in each Ultimate Team game cycle.

Remember: If you find there are too many or too few pages to get close to the 59th minute, you can fine-tune the values in the pricing tab for "Max. Price" and "Min. Buy Now" to what you believe works best at that point in your search!

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We hope this Trading Guide has been helpful. We have even more features within our service that make building your coin balances even easier.

Best of luck with your trading during FC 24!

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