This guide is organized into milestones, allowing you to efficiently reach a total of 1 million coins. Our website subscribers gain access to buying and selling prices, along with Discord support and video guides that provide comprehensive step-by-step instructions for achieving this goal with precision and clarity.


This step is all about coin farming. Coin farming is simply the process of making lots of small profits quickly, which add up over time. Think of a farmer slowly harvesting crops to eventually have a large harvest in the end. There are several ways to do this, but we'll focus on the two methods we find most effective.

Gold Common Players – Essentially, you check the minimum price that gold common players from a single league are selling for. Then, you snipe and bid on anything that is available below that price. Always remember, you lose 5% of every sale due to the EA Tax. So, if the minimum price was 600, you wouldn't want to pay more than 500, as buying at 550 would yield minimal profit. However, when you list the players back on the market, check the price of each player or position for that league individually, as some players will sell for a lot more. List them back on the market for easy profit – quick and easy coins.

Silver Players – This works best with the major five leagues. The method is similar to the one above, but you can get silver players even cheaper due to their lower minimum price. Then, repeat the same steps. The difference here is that silvers might not sell as quickly, but they tend to be more profitable. A good tip is to sell them at a similar price to golds, and you'll see them sell nicely.


Don’t stop doing what you are doing above. Continue that as it works!

But as you're starting to build up a decent coin total, you can begin exploring other card strategies. You could consider using these methods alongside your current approach. When your coin total starts to dip, you can always return to coin farming while waiting for other cards to sell.

Here are things you can do next:

Mid Rated Gold Cards – Now, let's look at quick flips for practical gold cards. Think about cards rated between 80-83. Speed is crucial, especially at the game's start. Players with high speed are often wanted. Try not to spend more than 10% on each card, but make a list of players (subscribers get one from us on the site). In FIFA 23, players like Marcos Llorente, Gabriel Jesus, and Ben Yedder were great examples – they're good, usable players. Your aim is to bid and snipe below their market prices, then list them for what they're actually selling for. While profit margins here might be larger than coin farming, these cards might not sell as fast. Patience is key. The next section covers an extra step related to this.

Consumables – People often overlook consumables, but they're valuable. We all know about the pricey ones, but let's focus on consumables that boost pace for the best results. Bidding and sniping these can be really effective. Another trick is over listing. Imagine Shadows are selling for 3500 coins. You snag 30 of them at 2.8k each. Now, list them all together at a higher price. For example, you could list at 3.8k. They'll likely sell to players who are in a hurry. If your patience wears thin, you can sell them for their regular price and still make a solid profit.

250k – 500k

Once again, don’t stop what you were doing before as it works brilliantly, but now we're moving into the exciting part! Remember those mid-rated gold cards and consumables? Here's the next level of trading with them!

Mid Rated Gold Chem Style Trading – So by now, you've learned that some gold players can be sold for a good amount of coins. You're also aware that certain consumables can bring in decent coins. Now, let's combine these ideas. Let's take Marcus Rashford as an example: Imagine Marcus Rashford is being sold on the market for 6,000 coins. At the same time, Hunter chemistry style cards are being sold for 3,000 coins. People often list their Marcus Rashford cards at 6k because that's what he's selling for. However, some of them have got it wrong. Cards with desirable chemistry styles already attached to them are worth more because that chemistry style adds value. Your task here is to purchase those cards when they're listed at lower prices and sell them for a profit. Your job is to spot which cards have a significant price difference between the ones without a chemistry style and those with one attached.

In this situation, if you were to get Rashford and add a Hunter chemistry style, it would cost you 9,000 coins. So, if he's on the market at 8,000 coins with the chemistry style already added, that's a good deal for someone. But if you managed to snag him for 6k or less through your sniping or bids, you'll make a substantial profit with each sale. Repeat this strategy across all the players from your earlier list, and your profits will grow rapidly.

500k – 1 Million

Yes, once again. Don’t stop doing the previous steps. Even coin farming. Once you’ve spent up and are waiting for sales, get back on that again! But now, you have a good amount of coins, which means working with low-cost cards can be a bit time-consuming and, honestly, maybe a little boring. So, let’s move on to working with the bigger cards! Nothing changes from your methods before, though. The amount you spend just becomes larger, and so do the profits.

High Rated Golds – Similar to before with the mid-rated cards, search for those usable cards. This time, focus on the 85+ rated ones. Keep an eye on bids and snipes, but exercise caution as the price difference with chemistry styles is often smaller. Here's a trick: watch the prices every day. Typically, around 6pm each day, the prices temporarily drop before bouncing back. You can often make a nice profit by waiting for this 6pm supply drop to lower their prices, and then they'll go back up once the supply dwindles. However, make sure to sell your cards by 6pm the next day, as the next drop might cause them to decrease even more than before.

Icon Flipping – This becomes one of the best methods to consider as you expand your budget. The profits per card are substantial. While we won't dive deep into the process here, you can refer to our other free guides where we thoroughly cover Icon Trading!

Investing – This is when you buy cards and hold onto them until the demand increases. With a larger coin total, you can do this and still have coins left for other methods. There's talk that EA might have made this harder by limiting unassigned items, but there will still be opportunities. We'll provide details on the site, including a small free guide and a more detailed guide for subscribers with their subscription.

We hope this Trading Guide has been helpful. We have even more features within our service that make building your coin balances even easier.

Best of luck with your trading during FC 24!

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